LMS Services


Provides an opportunity to explore options and make an informed choice on how to proceed.


Assists individuals in developing conflict resolution skills enabling them to work through conflicts on their own.


Specially designed to provide your company with the skills needed to address conflict.


Provides parties in conflict with a neutral third party who will assist in resolving conflict and strengthen relationships. Lightstone Mediation Services help in the following areas:

Workplace Conflict

Many managers spend 24 per cent of their time resolving disputes. Managing workplace disputes through mediation returns the responsibility for a solution to the parties in conflict and helps generate solutions by fostering communication, exploring alternative ways of thinking and creating practical solutions.

Civil Disputes

The Civil Mediation process is designed to give parties an opportunity to explore settlement options before they invest large amounts of money and other resources into litigation. Mediation provides a process that saves time, money, and stress.

Community Disputes

Helping neighbours repair harm caused by malicious gossip, property lines, noise, pets etc. Mediation helps both parties see the situation from the other persons point of view and assist them in designing their own resolution that fits their unique needs.

Victim Offender Dialogue

Restorative justice emphasizes repairing the harm caused by crime. It is accomplished through victim offender dialogue and typically includes all involved. This is done by: addressing what happened, what was the impact on all parties and what needs to be done to address the harm caused.

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